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"Camp  taste is, above all, a mode of enjoyment,of appreciation - not judgment. Camp is generous." 

 Susan Sontag

Camp Design Gallery, Milan, specializes in collectible contemporary design that aims to investigate material culture, renewing the concept of production beyond the canonical limits of art and design.


Founded in 2015, the gallery work is based on research, experimentation, and contamination of contemporary codes that result in unique design projects born from the collaboration of international designers and artists.


Camp engages in scouting and guidance for new talent, through a continuous mix of renovation, study and research and an annual program of exhibitions, trade shows and events.


A new space for design, a place that generates opportunities and synergies to create a constructive cultural network, critical and dynamic, opening up to curatorial projects and partnerships with cultural institutions and art foundations.

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Photo: Federico Floriani


About classic camp performance



“the startling, juicy displays of excess erudition, for example; the passionate, often hilarious antiquiarism, the prodigal production of alternative historiographies; the 'over'-attachment to fragmentary, marginal, waste or leftover products; the rich, highly interruptive affective variety; the irrepressible fascination with ventriloquistic experimention; the disorientating juxtapoistions of present with past, and popular with high culture” 


Eve Sedgwick



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