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Epoxy Custard, 2017

Wall lamp

Epoxy resin fiberglass, pigment, led

H38 L3 W38 CM


Unique piece with signed certification

Camp Commission, 2017




Photo credit: James Harris


Camp Design Gallery presents a solo show by David Lindberg, a collection commissioned by the gallery on the occasion of Design Miami/ 2017.
In Residual Time Energy Blowout, imagination and engineering are melted in a unique inquiry: a continual variation focused on light, color, and transparency with formless, glowing shades. Light plays a key role in these works—here we find the electrical element itself.
The electromorphism is tangible and the resin, with its fluid consistency and its irregular course, faithfully expresses the wave transmission characteristic of electric energy. A series of grids of LED bulbs are attenuated by the colored layer of resin, which the artist imposes on it as a filter.

“Residual time energy blowout explores the boundaries / challenges of a post printed circuit board world of lighting objects. Where society accepted the existence of pcb’s (post circuit board’s) just for the convenience of mass production, we feel an obligation to rid ourselves of this carrier. The circuit itself becomes the structural fabric, as light and transparency embrace each other, opposed to the entities that are here to absorb that energy, as living beings.
For the construction, we are not doing anything with cnc fabrication, instead the structures are hand-made, and develop with immediate intuitively . For electricity control, we are experimenting with micro-controlers, but mostly we use low voltage Direct Current (DC), which we often control Pulse Width Modulation to control the electricity, as well as potentiometers for viewer interactive control of the works.” David Lindberg





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