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Ludmilla Vases , 2015


Boemian glass


Medium 31 x 49 cm

Big 29 x 59 cm


Limited edition of 2 + 1 AP

Commissioned by Alice Stori Liechtenstein for Schloss Hollenegg for Design, 2015


Czech Republic

Photo credit/ Dossofiorito

“Ludmilla” has been developed by Dossofiorito at Schloss Hollenegg for Design along with the Design Residency launched in 2015 by Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

The inspiration for the project has been the figure of Princess Ludmilla (1908-1974), remembered as a passionate gardener and a proverbial green thumb. She was keen on cultivating flowers to cut and arrange in the many vases of Schloss Hollenegg. Ludmilla’s vases are born from the desire to bring back the scent and colourful presence of a continuous succession of flowers.

The shape of the glass vases recalls the antique ceramic vases in the Castle, but instead of cut flowers, they will host a variety of bulbous plants. This shift from cut flowers to bulbs allows to witness, not only the last two steps of a flower’s life (blooming and decay), but to slowly observe and enjoy the whole life cycle of a flower plant: from sprouting, to decaying.

The overlapping of an outer and inner vase, will create two separate water compartments. Using the natural magnifying properties of water, the outer vase, with its rounded walls, will become a magnifying vessel creating a strong focal point to observe the development of the bulb. Playing with the shape of the inner vase, various visual effects can be obtained. 

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