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15/10/2015 - 11/12/2015

David Lindberg
Mantyluoto - Milan - One Way


Camp Design Gallery presents the first ever solo show of David Lindberg as a designer. This show is the result of an "around the world" journey of David for collecting materials and experiences - from China to Finland until Amsterdam and finally Milan, where all is getting assembled and finalized in situ. David has worked as a proper artist so far but, thanks to his architectural background, he has as well the sensitivity of a designer too.


“The last half year I have been traveling and thinking about how to combine some of my sculpture and painting ideas into new works for Camp Design Gallery.  The show has been planned for mid-Fall, which is the time of year I need extra light for the months ahead.  So I decided to concentrate in these lights I've focused on what's extra in my artwork; and on how atmospheric lighting is extra.  Most of the electrical work was done in Mantyluoto Finland during the summer, and has been brought down to the gallery to assemble and finish here in Milan”, says the artist.


The research of David, with the assistance of Espen Strandhagen and Hans Hubach, has been finalized with a serie of lamps, composed of many small LED bulbs, customized with layers of transparent resin.  In each work there is a different network of brass framing; coated with resin to insulate it and give another color.  The networks' system is the electrical conductor, structure, and the compositional element at the same time. 

Photo credit - Giulio Boem


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