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18/02/2016 - 10/04/2016

David Lindberg - Paolo Spalluto
Pensiero Arcaico////Il Dialogo della Materia


Camp Design Gallery is pleased to present, before its international debut at the design fair " Design Days Dubai " , the thematic exhibition " Archaic Thought " which relates a selection of works by Paul Spalluto and David Lindberg . After their solo exhibitions , inaugurated respectively  in October and in December , it was decided to build, with some of the works presented , a dialogue between two different stylistic figures, united by the same starting point : the material.

Both Lindberg and Spalluto are designers that over the years have deepened and developed a research on materials that they manipulate by themselves:  clay , on one hand, and epoxy resin on the other one. A dialogue of materials and visions: the sidereal geometry of David Lindberg and the shaping mold of Paul Spalluto .


- Geography is derived from the beginning form Uranology , and in each place " above " corresponds to one "under" -

Giorgio de Santillana, Il Mulino di Amleto


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