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16/04/2018 - 22/04/2018

UPC / Perù Design Collective / Diego Oka / Gala Fernandez / Camp Design Gallery 

Pacha - Culinary Design from Perù to Italy


Camp Design Gallery is happy to present Pacha a group show of  a new perspective of peruvian table ware by professors and students of the UPC Lima with the participation of Chef Diego Oka and Gala Fernandez.

«In the Inca language “Quechua”, the meaning for pacha is earth, soil or space for life. This word circles everything we are doing with this piece of
work. All the materials used in this project will come from the PACHA like the Murano glass, the Carrara marble and the food. Giving life to unique
pieces crafted and design by the team.» D. Oka

For the second time Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and Perú Design Collective get together to present PACHA: Culinary design from Perú to Italy, an exposition housed and curated by Camp Design Gallery and Gala Fernández during Milano Design Week 2018 and would be developed in three consecutive and related workshops runned by Piopio Design Labs between Lima, Murano and Carrara with chef Diego Oka and designer Gala Fernández. It is an experimental workshop of new crockery concepts for food. Seeking to recover peruvian cooking heritage and designing new products made of glass and marble that impact the way we experience peruvian food.


This project intends to focus on the dialog between peruvian gastronomy and the italian manufacturing with established
professionals and students from the Interior Design School of the Design Faculty of UPC. Their expression is inspired into the recognized peruvian
food and now it is open to the world throught a banquet set up (of unique pieces) for the most sparkling week in Milan.


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