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15/03/2018 - 13/04/2018

Matteo Pellegrino / Ginevra Taccola 

Passaggio di Stato


Camp Design Gallery presents two talents of the matter in comparison with “Passaggio di stato”.
Matteo Pellegrino and Ginevra Taccola explore the approach of two antithetical materials: the polyurethane foam and resin, normally used for the production of thermal insulation sheets, born thanks to a chemical synthesis study between the First and Second World War in Germany and OrangeBi, a new organic material conceived by the same Ginevra Taccola and made by processing industrial waste of orange peels.

In the first case we discover the use of a material that is not noble and normally hidden, functional to another and not protagonist, as a medium for the strong universal messages that Matteo Pellegrino manifests through his creative research. This is how the collection of the @ vases was born. A series of one-of a kind pieces, realized without the use of moulds, inspired by the classical forms of Greek and Roman amphorae which in ancient times were considered as units of measurement and were recorded in transport by sea or land with the ideogram“@”. “It is curious to note how today this ideogram is part of our daily life, taking on a completely new connotation and yet retaining points of contact with its origin. Indeed it constitutes a transport or transfer no more of oil or wine but of words, thoughts and feelings.” Says Matteo Pellegrino, who with his collection tells about concepts of love, war and art, where the consumed and vilified aspects that accompany every object derive from the artist’s will to represent a “past”, with peaks of joy and beauty alternated with the bitterness and hardness that characterize the uniqueness of both people and things.

Ginevra Taccola never tries to follow a precise method but tends to be transported by the sensations and intuitions that a material or project gives her. She believes in the value of craftsmanship and in the idea of creating unique pieces by questioning our way of acting, challenging the properties of natural resources. Her research moves through curiosity towards transformation and time that stimulate her to create objects that take space, in an organic way, in our ever-evolving society. “Today we live in a consumer world and we continue to design objects without thinking of tomorrow, moving away from our primitive side more and more. As a designer I try to find harmony finding inspiration by nature. Thus began the Alchimia project. Alchimia in the past described an ancient science whose aim was the transmutability of poor materials in precious substances. This is how OrangeBi is born, a material that utilizes industrial processing waste like orange peels in organic, environmentally friendly and non-toxic organic matter. It has no disposal costs and is degradable in the soil, where, thanks to the enzymes contained in the orange peel, it becomes an excellent fertilizer. By studying OrangeBi I discovered its great versatility, that led me to create a collection of shapes, textures and colours.”

Both acute observers of reality and sensitive translators of concepts in objects, Ginevra Taccola and Matteo Pellegrino share an important creative journey, in which for both the meeting with a mentor was a further push to research and to test over, venturing paths that in one way or another have led them today to a more mature creative awareness.

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