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01/05/2021 - 30/06/2021

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The Office

a project curated by Gabriele Leo and Grazia Mappa (PLSTCT) + Salvatore Peluso

Exhibitions, fairs, events, concerts, shows: all paralysed due to the pandemic and the lack of consideration that the cultural sector seems to have in Italy. In such a context, even design galleries need to rethink. Despite the reopening announced by the government, the climate of confusion and uncertainty remains. Organising new exhibitions is not the best idea to implement at the moment (in our humble opinion). What to do then?

Camp Design Gallery has always been conceived as a platform for meeting and promoting independent design. Consistent with its principles, the gallery wants to continue to be a support for young designers and mostly now, a place for dialogue for professionals. However, the conditions described require a change of form. So we asked ourselves: what happens if a design gallery temporarily displays people instead of objects?

Cristina Tajani, Council member for Labor Policies and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Milan has recently launched a new vision of work for the city, that of near working: "we will include the possibility of working in places that are neither the usual office nor the home. A middle ground, a job near your home."

From this trend comes the idea of ​​"The Office", a project that aims to interpret the theme of proximity between professionals: in the months of May and June 2021, Camp Design Gallery is transformed into a workplace open to the various professionals who gravitate to the universe of the design discipline. Designers, architects, journalists, PR, gallery owners and curators will be invited into the gallery spaces, which for the occasion will be set up in such a way as to guarantee the correct physical distancing, ensuring that social and intellectual closeness that is lacking in the world of design (but not only).

The authors of the exhibition project are Gabriele Leo and Grazia Mappa - PLSTCT. The architects designed a light, temporary, flexible and reusable set-up to allow work, meetings and dialogues, together with the display of some of the works that have been exhibited by the gallery in recent years. Each person who crosses the space will leave a trace of their passage, to summarise the reflections generated during informal meetings, collecting images of thoughts and human exchanges.

We invite everyone to come through the gallery: to work for a day or for a few hours, but even just for a coffee or an aperitif. You will find us at your desk, chatting in the garden or at the legendary La Riviera restaurant.


Photo credit: Federico Floriani

Courtesy: Camp Design Gallery

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