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08/04/2019 - 17/05/2019

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Three characters in the second act: The Royal Family


On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019, Camp Design Gallery is proud to present the preview of the work of Adam Nathaniel Furman on an international collectible design scene.
“Three characters in the second act: The Royal Family” is a project realized in collaboration with the Italian company Abet Laminati, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative laminate. The project focuses on contemporary collectible design through three specially commissioned pieces, each of which generates its forceful presence through the deployment of intricately patterned surfaces, and intriguing architectures.
The project will be further showcased at Design Miami/Basel 2019 - Curio section - in June.

“Three Characters In the Second Act is a vision of the home as a court of domestic deviance played out through the ecstatic surfaces of a bourgeois’ nightmare. A model 21st Century family of two parents and an insanely spoiled child, the father is the mother, the mother is the father, both the mother and the father are the father and the mother, while the infanta is also the infante but is free to be neither, or both, or something in between. Gioioso, Benevolente, & Solidale have no official status, but they are pure royalty in their total rejection of the suffocatingly facile codes of good taste, and they honour their freedom and divinely ordained power in the salacious union of sacred and profane, colour & form, wilfulness and gluttony, the digital and the crafted, the new and the old, and the bad and the naughty, refulgent in patterns of a new kind of regal family’s aesthetic liberty”. - Adam Nathaniel Furman

Photo : Federico Floriani

Laminates provided by:

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