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12/09/2018 - 31/10/2018

Studio La Cube

Trigo Perro Roca


(¿does anyone know nature ?)

The nature that surrounds us on a daily basis is, or humanized nature (intervened, affected), or false nature (directly created); both states reveal a deep and ancient domestication of the world, an adaptation and modeling of this for human needs or ambitions. Perhaps for this reason, raw nature has always been perceived as sublime and terrifying: all that remains outside the domus environment becomes a disturbing “other”. Humanity needs to tame it, give it a function according to the rules of rationality. The terror and the sublimity of the unknown nature only serve to nourish the mystery of the world, to create literary myths, uncontrollable gods. Positivism demands explanation and function. Function and function.

What everything in the world follows the example of the wheat, the dog, the barley, the goat, the roses. Bread, milk, company, beauty. Let us domesticate the rocks, tame the inert. Let’s give it a function and for this we do not take them as such, we do not sculpt: we make rocks, we change their genetics to dispose of it to our taste and need. Let’s make rocks of human objects, let’s make drapers. Let’s get to the extreme, let’s turn the minerals into domestic rocks, that look for function, to satisfy the role that we have assigned them.

Functionality, beauty, company. Let’s be domestic, behave.

Photo credit: Alec Iatan

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