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Felix Muhrhofer

Felix Muhrhofer, born in 1975 in Vienna studied Industrial/Interior Design in his hometown at the University of applied arts, as well as at the ELISAVA in Barcelona. After finishing his studies in year 2000 he installed his first workshop in the garage of the summerhouse of a very good friend. From the beginning this space gave him the opportunity to proof his designs directly under the aspects of haptic, aesthetic and production.

Step by step Felix Muhrhofer perfected this analog and complex method of working by studying and developing different craftsmen techniques. The result are designs bringing in line a strong formal feeling and the economy of a craftsman production process. One of the first series produced was a modular kitchen system; a one cast counter top with incorporated sink, all handmade from Terrazzo.

To proof the functionality of this product Muhrhofer went on to found Viennas first cook club, which over the last 12 years became an open place for cultural exchange.

In this time one of the most important extensions for any kitchen was developed: the Magic Wall – a full magnetic wall panel, that is used as a storage for all ferreous objects: pots, knifes, pans, etc. This passion for design allows Felix Muhrhofer to branch to different projects, amongst others: developing the stage design for the opening ceremony of the concert hall of the Vienna boys’ choir, the architecture of the internationally known R&BAR in Vienna.


Now in collaboration with Camp Design Gallery in Milano, Felix Muhrhofer is happy to present his latest creations for the first time: a series of side tables called the LOVELY TABLES.

Available works
Lovely Tables detail
Lovely table N°5 DukeMaria
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