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Matteo Pellegrino

Born in 1982, grows up in Lecce and then moves to Milan in 2001 where he obtains his degree in Interior and product design at the Politecnico university di Milan.
At 22 years old he starts his collaboration with "Fish Design" by Gaetano Pesce. Progressively he collaborates in the making of collections by Alessandro Mendini, Mendinismi, and Nativo Camapana, by Campana Brothers.
He slowly becomes more interested in the manufacturing of plastics, resin and silicon, to which he often joins metals, wood and clay.
He takes part in numerous international fairs, and matures sensetiveness towards different commercial trends of design. At the same time he starts his own path of personal creative projects, in which different tecniques and materials live side by side generating new interpretations of objects and their use, giving birth to original and passionate innovations.
Thanks to his versatility he enters the world of fashion and collaborates with Mila Schon and starts off a handmade self- production of clutch bags and accessories manufactured with innovative tecniques and materials.
In 2012 he establishes his own personal studio in Milan, working both on projects of interior design and on products for various companies.
In 2015 he moves to New York to collaborate with Gaetano Pesce and to start a series of new individual projects working in a original transverse way between design, art and fashion.

From 2017 on, Matteo and Camp Design Gallery collaborate together.

His work  mainly focuses on the processing of plastics, polyurethane foams, resins and silicones, trying to investigate and explore different creative techniques applied to product development.  His approach is transversal and intradisciplinary, based on the philosophy of "thinking with your hands”.  His work is born from "hands on" experimentations of materials,  and on the reinterpretation of their characteristics giving life to unique and original pieces of design.

His projects and his philosophy are often influenced by an experience of life, by trend, by social changes, and by contemporary issues, giving voice to a transformative and complex reality, but without neglecting an ironic and sometimes desecrating vein on the important themes of life.

One giant leap - detail
Duty free table
One small leap I
One small leap III - rug
One medium leap II
One medium leap II
one small leap IV - rug
@ Vase
arbre magique
@ Vase
sole carpet
@ Vase
@ Vase
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