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Omer Polak

Hi there,
My name is omer Polak, I’m a designer and Artist.
My recent projects focus on our sensory experience of the world. I use multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to create new experiences and objects that could change our wellbeing and hopefully one day our life.
The belief that design can be a medium to stimulate discussion and debate about the social, cultural and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies is imperative to me. 

I am currently exploring new ways of integrating Design, science and food experience, that turned towards being a “Designtist” (designer and scientist).
As a freelancer I’m giving various services for clients such as design research, product designing process, innovation thinking and solutions as well as workshops amd lectures.


In the occasion of Miart 2016, Camp Design Gallery presented as a featured collaboration, Vase | no.16511421, both realized in 2015.


Vase | no.16511421
Vase | no.16511421
Vase | no.16511421
Vase | no.16511421
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