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Paolo Spalluto

Paolo Spalluto began his artistic career in 1996 in Aerosol art attending Italian and international artists close to the street art of which tries to emulate the essence inevitably drawing an original style. 


In 2009 he has attended for a very short time the design studio Francesca Carallo where he gets fascinated by the use of papier-mâché beginning to experience working with papier-mâché in connection with ceramics.


Shortly after he moved to Krakow. In his artistic evolution he maintains and nurtures a unique style that although in polihedral expressions continues to be simplified structurally and it is charged with meaning.


Today Spalluto works with environmentally friendly materials and refines his way to intervene in his art, without forgetting the importance of artistic and stylistic roots.


Ritmo e Colore Red
Naked raku - water reduction I
Naked raku - water reduction II
White Ottoman
Naked raku - fire reduction II
Naked raku - fire reduction I
Four elements Plates
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