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Immemoral Vases , 2014

Notte Cristallo vase

Marquina marble

20H x 32 x 28 cm

Contrasto vase

Vitrolles red marble

19H x 28 x 18

Terra ferma vase 

Frenche red marble

14H x 44 x 19


Unique pieces,



Photo credit/ Sergio Maria Calatroni and Camp Design Gallery



Nothing is so delicate and elusive as a start. Bearing in mind that runs out instantly in the bud. Most likely in a remote epoch of human thought the form of things appeared to man as the expansion of an unknown force that dominated throughout.

Immediately they tried to represent it.

The instinct of the unknown is evident in the artistic creations from the beginning.

Hence the difficulties.


They were the images of hand-cut stones that fascinated me first of plants and animals. Distinct worlds. The stones carry with them the primordial void of wonder.

Oblige the meditative stillness and no action.

In attending them I meet in a simple form the oblivion.


The meeting in my childhood with a vase of flowers photographed on a calendar hanging on the wall.

The reproduction of a famous Van Gogh painting.

A typical subject. The still life.

A cut flower and shown in the moment of its greatest splendor decaying moment by moment.


And now.

The tender feeling. In the simplest way possible. Using stone, pre-human matter supersensible that shapes a vase, container, built without framing obligations, di-symmetrical. Necessarily barbaric in heartbreaking finish grinding wheel shots.

The usual vision of the vase and floral supply regresses to the borders of history and proto-history, conducive to silence completion of the void.

Where time is frozen even before scrolling.



Tokyo 8 Settembre, 2014


Sergio Maria Calatroni

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