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Shahar Livne - Conceptual Material Designer and Researcher

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Shahar Livne (Israel, 1989) is an award winning conceptual material designer located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Livne's lifelong fascinations in nature, biology, science, and philosophy developed into intuitive material experimentation way of work during her degree studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Shahar's body of work focuses on conceptual material research in a multi-leveled methodology, bringing to life unique stories through objects and installations centered around materials as carriers of narratives.

Some of Livne's projects deal with obscure materials such as blood, man-made fossils, crystallization and more. Her projects starting points are often stories about places, cultures, and relations with resources in the past, present, and future. currently, she presenting her works internationally and creating new research projects as an autonomous designer, educator and as collaborator with different companies and institutes.

Memento Mori - insallation view
Memento Mori white
Memento Mori black
Memento Mori - installation view
Memento Mori white
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