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Studio La Cube

Stefano Fusani, Italian artist-designer and Clara Hernández, Spanish cultural and art historian, are the founders of La Cube, an experimental design studio focused on material and theoretical research that addresses the origin of production processes in relation with the human habits of the 21st century.
The aim of the studio is to develop different kind of projects situated in the floating and ambiguous space between art and design, analysing the material culture and making experimental projects with objects, installations and texts aimed to research the relation between those disciplines in current contexts and the cultural constructions with them associated.

They are co-founders of the independent curatorial group Molto Molto Projects.

Since 2019 they have curated with journalist Salvatore Peluso the exhibition Movimento at Camp Design Gallery.

Untitled Blue
Composition B stool
Composition A table
Composition C chair
Composition A table
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