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Adaptations: Deck Chair, 2015


Carrara Marble, fabric, brassed metal frame realized in collaboration with Bartoli & Ottaviani Marmi


95,9 x 70,2x H 91,9 cm


Prototype with signed certification

Camp Commission, 2015





The most prototypical, familiar and time-honored pieces of everyday life affirm their presence in a totally new way. Dense substances reveal a versatile, voluptuous capability.


Materials – sober and cold – and lines – sharp yet balanced – converge to create severe shapes in an opulent, mild atmosphere. A backward feeling gains access to a visionary present.


The solidity of well-known objects supports a sophisticated art work, appealing to the italian traditional handicraft.

Each piece becomes one of its kind and fits in deluxe limited editions.

This unpredictable interaction between human will and natural properties demystifies preconceptions, unravels the boundaries of imagination, gives dignity to the ephemere.

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