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Fuorisalone 2015

16/04/2015 - 19/04/2015

CDG 0.1


In occasion of Fuorisalone 2015 Camp Design Gallery debuts with CDG 0.1
The collective CDG 0.1 is the result of research carried out by each artist on revisiting aesthetics of the past materialized in a contemporary way, following the principle that Eve Sedgwick had completed with the juxtaposition of the past with the present - popular culture and intellectual culture. These oxymorons create an intense dialogue of form and matter in which the expectations of the observer are diverted from illusory games and sophisticated harmonies.
With its opening, Camp Design Gallery presents its unique pieces and limited editions made ​​exclusively for the gallery itself by Analogia Project , Paolo Spalluto and Veronica Todisco. Each work is the evidence of a close collaboration between the artists and the masters of Italian craftsmanship. An example , the gold decoration entirely made by the expert hand of Fabscarte signed Analogia Project.
In parallel, Camp Design Gallery, presents a preview of the future collaboration with the artist and American architect David Lindberg.
Photo credit - Jeremias Morandell


Where the rain stops

Analogia Project with Fabscarte

for Camp Design Gallery 

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