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26/09/2017 - 24/11/2017

Matteo Pellegrino / Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba / Studio La Cube / Lukas Wegwerth 

Design Hurlant*


For the second consecutive year, Camp Design Gallery presents a curated selection of collectible contemporary design pieces signed by Italian and international authors.

Design Hurlant *

A group show of extra ordinary contemporary projects.

With Matteo Pellegrino, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Studio La Cube and Lukas Wegwerth.


In the exhibition are presented four authoritative approaches to collectible design: in this sense each project is an integral part of the identity development and personal research of the designer. Camp this year offers four manifestoes on the extra ordinary sense of value that is given to the object by the designer. For Matteo Pellegrino the direct manipulation of matter - mainly resins, silicones and plastics - is synonymous with  research into new manufacturing techniques, the latter becomes an instrument of interpretation of the object and its use. Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba with his designs gives life to an elegant play of relationships where the subject is the continuation and direct synthesis of what the mind imagined: "I never give up irony, irony is a serious matter. even fun, I cannot resist to realize it. " Studio La Cube, instead, focuses its core concept on the cube, facing its infinite interpretations. Form becomes a starting point for developing elaborations born from a variation of the cubic form. The cube is the original basis for new design dialogues. Lukas Wegwerth recounts the new life of objects emphasizing the vital transformation process of everything as instantaneous bond between past and present. The serie of vases presented comes from Schloss Hollenegg, Austria, a special depot for these forgotten pots and eventually brought to a second life by the artist.


After all, these works are not the end result, but the milestones of an ever-becoming personal aesthetic recognition process.

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