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Fuorisalone 2016

12/04/2016 - 17/04/2016

CDG 0.2


In occasion of Fuorisalone 2016 Camp Design Gallery presents CDG 0.2
The collective CDG 0.2 is the result of the first year of Camp Design Gallery. With a selection of designworks between Analogia Project, David Lindberg and Paolo Spalluto, Camp Design Gallery dipslays and confirms its own vision of collectible contemporary design.
Bestiary, the new projects commissioned by Camp Design Gallery  to Analogia Project are inspired by Romanesque architecture: the space and the decorative language as value of the religious circles of this historical period. Hemispherical domes, vaults and square bays are decorated with fanciful elements that are affected by the relationship between men and gods: the Bible precepts take form in animals, real or imaginary, that appear in the details of the architectural elements. These mysterious animals that belong to the Romanesque bestiary appear on new pieces, interpret and narrate the Romanesque space as a whole : floor decorations, columns and fanciful sculptures.
David Lindberg with Sanstorm follows the wave of led bulbs with his honyrical sensitivity. “The last half year I have been traveling and thinking about how to combine some of my sculpture and painting ideas into new works for Camp Design Gallery. The show has been planned for mid‐Fall, which is the time of year Ineed extra light for the months ahead. So I decided to concentrate in these lights I've focused on what's extra in my artwork; and on how atmospheric lighting is extra. Most of the electrical work was done in Mantyluoto Finland during the summer, and has been brought down to the gallery to assemble and finish here in Milan”, says the artist.
From the last exhibition Korzenie, White Ottoman and Black Ottoman by Paolo Spalluto give to the collective a solid foundation to tend upwards in the aesthetics vision.


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