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Where the rain stops, 2015


Wood, brass, hand painted wallpaper

Wallpaper realized in collaboration with Fabscarte


210 x 4,5 x H 190 cm


Unique piece with signed certification

Camp Commission, 2015





The Pantheon , known since the second century A.D., has been studied and shown in all ages.

The projection of the inner dome appears on a screen: finely decorated on a black surface, the lines demarcating the geometries, become subtle signs of gold and the hole of the Pantheon rips the panels of the screen.


The project is a collaborative effort between Analogia Project and Fabscarte master decorators who created and then hand-drawn paper and the projection of the dome on the panels of the screen - with the ancient technique of dusting used in the Renaissance for the frescoes.


A prospective game deforms the projection of one of the panels, and invites the viewer to look for a point of view from which the circle back to being that, entering into a dynamic relationship with this work.

The result is a drawing deep and valuable, delimited by a brass wire that separates the world of representation from the real one.

Where the rain stops

Analogia Project with Fabscarte

for Camp Design Gallery 

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