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Bestiary: Mirror, 2016


Polished steel, mirror and ceramic in collaboration with Alessio Sarri ceramist.


105 diam. cm


Prototype with signed certification

Camp Commission, 2016




The projects for Camp Design Gallery are inspired to Romanesque architecture, the space value of the environments of the basilicas and churches of this period, and the decorative language of architectural details.


The essential geometric elements that characterize the Romanesque architecture are complemented by imaginative decorations that are affected by the relationship between men and gods: the moralizing role of the church and the Bible precepts take form in animals, real or imaginary, that appear in the details of the architectural elements. mysterious animals that belong to the Romanesque bestiary also appear on the new pieces: on a mirror, in which the snout of a strange living being is emerging from the glossy surface; the ceramic colored top of a console, resting on slender columns and arches; on a carpet, where a dog of a Roman mosaic becomes a wool surface.


The animal-like elements have been scanned, digitized and printed 3d: these have been used to produce the molds of ceramic elements. The ancient-modern relationship, the basis of this research, is highlighted, then not only from a formal point of view but also from the technical choices to produce these pieces.


All items have been developed with Italian craftsmanship excellence, Alessio Sarri for ceramic elements of the mirror and console, Mariantonia Urru for the carpet.

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